Biff Bang Pow!

I'm forever a sucker for that jangle pop in all its forms—the noisier, fuzzier, gauzier end of the spectrum and the celery-crisp-and-bone-dry end alike—so a group like Biff Bang Pow!, which was very much at the forefront of the movement, is something I could have on all day.

Named after a song of the same name by the Creation, Biff Bang Pow! was one of Creation Records boss Alan McGee's projects. (Guess why Creation's called Creation.) Everything they released is worthy of a close listen, but I think it's 1987's The Girl Who Runs the Beat Hotel that's my favorite.

Before Biff Bang Pow!, McGee had the Laughing Apple, which was scrappier, punkier, and looser, and most definitely worth checking as well.