An accidental discovery that I thought I'd share.

Emily (full name Emily Bindiger) released one single album, an eponymous effort that came out in 1972, when she was only sixteen, and a few other singles later one, like 1980's "Modern Girl" and 1981's "Baby It's You." The bulk of her career seems to have been comprised of bit acting gigs—she was in The Great Space Coaster and The Baby-Sitters Club—and work on soundtracks, notably those for the anime shows like Cowboy Bebop and .hack//Sign. Odd, right? Folk singer turned cabaret singer who got tapped by Hollywood and... wherever Tokyo's Hollywood is called.

The album is really sweet, although it's most definitely a product of the times: people don't incorporate horns like that anymore, people don't drum like that anymore, people don't lace their tracks with strings like that anymore.

Try it out and judge for yourself.