Salon Music, "Galaxy Express 69 Mix (Turn On Super Trainsonic Rock Navigated by Captain Cornelius)"

I'll properly write about Salon Music one day soon, but, for now, just check out this bananas remix of one of their tracks (or a pastiche of their tracks?) that Keigo Oyamada (小山田 圭吾), a.k.a. Cornelius, did back in 1998. That year, he released Girls at Our Tratt's Best!, a sort of Salon Music introductory compilation, on his label, Trattoria, and included this trippy, stretched out, torqued and twisted, customization of his on it. (I love how he credits himself in the liner notes: "Keigo Oyamada: destroy, remix, drums, fuzz guitar, and bass.")

While I'm writing about Cornelius, I should share one of my favorite songs of his, "69/96 Girl Meets Cassette," which Kahimi Karie (カヒミ カリィ), his girlfriend at the time, sang on. It's a grimy, smoky, goopy mess of distortion, noise, reverb topped with her ethereal and thin, supernatural vocals. The album it's from, 69/96, is unfairly overlooked—everyone, at least in the West, talks about Fantasma, which, in fairness, had the benefit of being licensed by Matador for a domestic edition.