Bark Psychosis

Cited as the progenitors of an I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it genre, post-rock, Bark Psychosis is an enigmatic band. Hex, the one and only album they released during the first run and as a proper group, is a work of complex atmospheric beauty that tricks you into thinking it's a shoegaze album until you peel back the bubble wrap it's packaged in and expose the dense leadenness of Swans and the glassy-eyed fragility of Durutti Column below.

Their final single as the unit they began as, "Blue," is crisp and sharp, and its percussion, programmed in the mode of a drum and bass or breakbeat track, fills it with a certain tranquility. Soon after it arrived, the act's founder, Graham Sutton, began recording straight club music as Boymerang.