Lemon Jelly, "Lemonjelly.ky"

A record I haven't listened to in a very long while, but one that had a significant impact on me when I discovered it back in 2000, 2001, right around the time of its release. I'm not certain why I found myself thinking of it the other day. Maybe it's all the High Llamas and Stereolab and Fantastic Plastic Machine and Towa Tei and Pizzicato Five that's been on heavy rotation as of late. The record was very much cut of the same cloth that produced those acts' mid- and late-90s releases. Half futurist chill-out, half cut-and-paste assemblages of 60s and 70s lounge and easy-listening jazz.

One of the members, Fred Deakin, ran a design studio called Airside that I adored. The T-shirt collectives (2K by Gingham!) and vinyl-figurine makers (Pete Fowler!) and illustrators (James Jarvis!) I followed obsessively seemed to be of the same scene, and I remember checking all their websites frequently for updates. (Funny how reflecting on this makes me recall how important bookmarks were back then, back when the internet's inertia didn't come from the all-powerful feed and subscriptions.)