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I've noticed that it's rare for me to write about American bands these days! For some reason, I seem to have drifted over to England ... which I'm glad to have done, certainly, but certainly, I should be representing people here a little more, yeah!?

There seems to be this movement of well, a lot of shitty 8-bit-meets-electroclash-meets-punk or something in New York. Too many bands with cruddy singers singing about cruddy topics and just presenting themselves in a sort of boring manner, even though I guess their aesthetic implies the opposite (rashness, spontaneity, abruptness ... you get the idea).

Anyway, there are a few "gems" in there, I think, if you're willing to get a little bit of a beating to the eardrums ...
Neon Music is one such band. This stuff is really jagged and biting, but man would it be cool to dance to this stuff. Sounds to me like New Order being chopped and screwed by like, the Sex Pistols ... no, Throbbing Gristle. There's absolutely an industrial edge to this music, and I hope that's intentional, as that was one scene that never really made it into the revival circuit ... They've a MySpace, of course ...

To get an idea of the other groups I'm talking about from this especially loose "scene," head on over to ... Chicken Xpress. I really, really hope these guys got together yesterday, recorded the song at 1.30 AM, and disbanded at two once the singer broke a beer bottle on the synth dude's head. Or something. Baffling and therefore intriguing, reagrdless ...

I guess this post will have to cover some foreign ground ... I forgot to mention Hot! Hot! Hot! the other day when I was writing about Norway. This group's so totally worth it, though. It's like, really phat electro disco house or something ... I can't quite place a finger on it, but imagine Isolée and Lindstrøm and those guys listening to it and really digging it.

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