the work
As the name of this post ought to imply, I've three new bands to tell you all about. An international flavor here ... these groups represent the U.K. and Norway (a place I rarely write about, but certainly also a place more than worth discussing and delving further into).

The Work is a Norwegian electro duo signed to the stellar Powerblytt! label. Apparently, the band's pretty close with Norway's crowning electro princess, Annie. And indeed, they've a lot in common. The Work are, if anything, more toned down and reserved, though ... subtleties a muck, these guys know how to work your quite, mellow state up into a energetic I-want-to-dance-all-night-long state.
You must listen to them ... wait for that album.

London's Young Turks recall to mind the Postcard-revival crew (i.e. Vinvent Vincent and the Villains), but with a garage-edge to them. They're not as crisp and clean as Orange Juice or Aztec Camera or anything, but absolutely just as melodic and sweet ... if anything, their humble sincerity enchants me more, and I love them for that. More material, please?

Lastly ... Some Body (man, I'm going MySpace crazy here).
I really like this group ... clearly, these guys are into the Cure (or else the vocal style is just coincidentally uncannily similar). Unlike the Cure, though, Some Body's got this level of cuteness to their stuff ... lo-fi synths, cheap keyboard lines, a light reggae beat every once in a while ...
In short, they're a tremendous amount of fun, and that's an advantage that most don't have.
Some Body - Oceana (demo)
Some Body - Send It (demo)