Kiiiiiii at SXSW

Man was I excited to hear that Kiiiiiii, the quirky-isn't-a-good-enough-descriptor Japanese duo, would be making the voyage across the Pacific to play SXSW next month.

I've no idea what their live show in Texas will entail, and I've even less of an idea of what the response will be to it (when I saw them in Osaka last year, the crowd seemed to be more interested in playing along with the band, indulging them almost, than taking them too seriously), but I know for certain that they'll leave a dent.

Marxy was kind enough to send me their DVD entitled Gold & SIlver, reaffirming in my mind that whoever ends up going to see the band perform will be blown away.
Kiiiiiii has an unnatural fascination with a few things as far as I can tell. Firstly, Michael Jackson, secondly, Sesame Street and all like shows/artifacts of American childhood, and thirdly, those Fisher Price rainbow-colored keyboards.

While one of the girls (either U.T. or Lakin) screams cracked-out renditions of children's songs and bangs merrily away at her keyboard, the other does a sort of hardcore spazz out on toy drums.
It's truly phenomenal to see these girls and just proves to me more that Americans acts need more gusto, more guts, and less of an urge to shoot for cool and hip. The Kiiiiiii girls achieved the latter by becoming the antithesis, and I'll never forget 'em.

So go off and buy the DVD, and while you're at it, check out some YouTube clips and their two blogs.

Enjoy it as much as I did!
Kiiiiiii - 4 Little Joeys (DJ Codomo Remix)