More Danes (AKA, Rum Rum Rum!)

Every once in a while, I think it invaluable to post about a record label, as the great ones tend to sometimes be more important as a whole than the sum of their bands.
Factory records relied on one band, really (Joy Divions), I think Modular puts too much emphasis on Wolf Mother and the Presets, I think Ed Banger values Uffie too highly ... but the cool thing about all of those labels (and more!) is that, in the end, they actually end up being ... really great! They stand for something, are major proponents for a movement of action, and that I really dig.

The Danish label, Rumraket is one such label. Man, these Danes are popping up all over the place ...
Rumraket was Grizzly Bear's first label, and, truthfully, a lot of their stuff sounds sort of like Grizzly Bear. This sort of contemplative, massive wash of sound from which melodies and rhythms slowing churn up from under. It's sort of a magical quality ... how songs so muddled and complexly layered can yield such gorgeous tunes.

This Japanese dude, Kama Aina is a standout ... so is the Icelandic Amiina ... in fact, they're all stellar.
Check it all out! Start at Rumraket's MySpace page!
Kama Aina - Hotaru
Taxi, Taxi! - To Hide This Way (MySpace Demo)
Taxi, Taxi! - Old Big Trees (MySpace Demo)