Every Conversation

Escalator Records has this recently-created imprint called Every Conversation Records. Yeah, weird name, right? But it's a nice little label specializing in 7" releases. So far, they've done only international stuff (and I think it'll stay that way), and the two most recent releases (EVERY002 & EVERY003) have been really spectacular ...

Pacific! is a Gothenburg-based duo that plays what they loosely describe as "classic rock," but what I think has more of a likeness to like, the instrumentals of Air fused with the Beach Boys. This stuff is slow to develop, but when it gets there, you realize how densely layered and beautiful the songs are ... really cool stuff, these Pacific! dudes.

Now, this Norwegian, Ungdomskulen is the more baffling of the Every Conversation Records signees ... this trio is incredibly dense, almost to the level of like, metal. But on a closer listen, there's true depth to this stuff ... the drummer sounds like he's got a background in jazz, which makes the rhythm interesting continually, and the other guys create these melodies that have, all at once, the dance qualities of like, Datarock, and the atmospheric, kraut rock-y attributes of like, Sereena Maneesh.
Sound interesting? Well, check out their MySpace page, anyway ...
Ungdomskulen - I'm On Top