BBBD Mix: "081809"

I'm returning to the 1s and 2s, people! (No, that most definitely doesn't merit a round of applause.)

I'm playing around with some new, updated software that allows for me to mess around more with actually editing music. Now, instead of simple beat-matching; occasionally looping; and trimming or changing highs, mids, and lows, I can manipulate audio in numerous, diverse ways. You'll hear what I mean soon enough.

I made a few goofs on this ons, but its light years ahead of last night's attempt. This one's about 35 minutes long and features quite a few choice selections from DFA Records' roster in addition to a couple weird old jams. I bungled the Unlimited Touch song a little... my apologies for that.

(1) Bottin, "No Static (Club Version)"
(2) James Curd, "We Just Won't Stop"
(3) Traks, "Long Train Running"
(4) Walter Jones, "Living Without Your Love"
(5) Unlimited Touch, "Feel the Music" → "I Hear Music In the Streets"
(6) Hercules and Love Affair, "I Can't Wait"
(7) Runaway, "Putting In the Overtime"
(8) Lullabies In the Dark, "Iridium"

Nik Mercer - 081809 Mix (YouSendIt)
Nik Mercer - 081809 Mix (ZShare)

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I likey, thanks for the tunes!
HEY! I thought this blog was dead for some reason..

Can Anyone Help me find the tracks "Dungeons" and "Kuato" by Mystic Mountains?? (they were posted about in november 2008 and the streaming for the tracks no longer works and the band never released anything and has erased their myspace page!!!!! gah!!!)
Anonymous said…
they changed there name to seksmisja