It'd be cute and fun to publish this post with a triumphant "I'm back," and while that's sort of what this appears to be, I need to clear the record―I never left you, my dear readers!

For numerous reasons, I had to take a break from BBBD (we've already gone over all of that), and I can't, at present, promise that I'll be back in the way I once was. Blogging about music just doesn't do it for me like it once did... and the omnipresent constrictions the format intrinsically has built into it make me uninclined to really push anything forward.

Anyway―just know that I will always love BBBD (my firstborn) and will start writing posts with some regularity starting now. I assume I'll return to the "D" series, but again, I can't say for sure.

For now, just enjoy this 1990 A Certain Ratio gem, "Won't Stop Loving You (Extended Mix)." 1X years into the Factory Records band's career, they seemed to have encountered a bit of an identity crisis because of three main influencers: (1) the continued success of New Order, (2) the trippy acid rock of Madchester pioneers the Happy Mondays, and (3) the general public's overwhelming embrace of house music. This A&M Records release is dripping with insecurities derived from a combination of this trio; but in a charming, almost doe-eyed fashion, "Won't Stop Loving You" feels like a statement on Factory's morph from a more innocent, fun-loving label to one overrun with financial problems, corruption, and nonexistent creative progression/development.

A Certain Ratio - Won't Stop Loving You (Extended Mix)

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Anonymous said…
Have I ever told you you're my hero? [of obscure disco]