Milk Crate Crawler: Tirk Recordings

Tirk Recordings, a U.K.-based independent, is one of those labels that is really good at spotting musical trends and digging up new talent, but not the best at extending careers much past a 12" or two. For instance, Tirk's biggest success in a way was signing New Young Pony Club―one of their first acts―and putting out their debut single, "Ice Cream" (a song that now finds itself being licensed to a myriad of commercials and soundtracks). They also put out Fujiya and Miyagi's breakthrough album, Transparent Things, and the seminal Greg Wilson edits compilation, Credit To the Edit. Taste-makers, yes; big-time capitalist business men, no.

Tirk is renowned for their edits and disco-leaning acts, though, too, and today I present you with a nice slice of their choice material that doesn't have to do with fictitious Japanese kraut-rockers and common desserts.

First is Architeq, a "space dub" one-man act who will spook you out just as much as he will soothingly hypnotize you. "Bird Of Prey" is certainly his best song, but I also quite like "Packard," a slightly heavier jam off of his Birds Of Prey EP. I also really enjoy the Kelpe remix of "Birds Of Prey," which can be found on the Birds Of Prey Versions EP.

I also recently grabbed Tirk02, a retrospective compilation of the label's best stuff since 2006. Arcade Lover's "Fantasy Lines" is a standout disco foot-tapper for sure; the Hercules and Love Affair remix of Chaz Jankel's "Get Yourself Together" is a beautiful, funky soul tune that will definitely remind you of Michael Jackson's better material; D-Pulse's "Highway to Heaven" is an invigorating yet mesmerizing disco swirl; and Toby Tobias' "Chick Chick" is a sexy, seductive after-hours minimal club jam that will certainly turn you on.

Sift through the back catalogue and grab some wax right over at Tirk Recordings' homepage.

Architeq - Birds Of Prey (Original Mix)

Architeq - Packard

Architeq - Birds Of Prey (Kelpe Remix)

Arcade Lover - Fantasy Lines

Chaz Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules and Love Affair Hercbump Mix)

D-Pulse - Highway to Saturn

Tobias Toby - Chick Chick

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