Sorcerer Works His Magic

Let's go back to Balearic once again, alright?

Sorcerer―an S.F. native who works with Hatchback under the alias Windsurf on occasion―is probably the best artist within the so-called "yacht-rock" offshoot of swirling, cosmic Balearic jammin'. The truly magical musician doesn't solely work with electronic―a huge refreshment to say the least―making sure to sample loads of guitar, bass, and analog synths he himself has recorded, and positions his tunes as less of an homage to early innovators'―who were essentially making more chill and meandering kraut rock―and more of an aural illustration of what today's meditative, peaceful, and relaxing music ought to be. I must say that he's made quite a good case for his style over the course of his two-album career that's been generously sprinkled with collaborative side projects. Buy his stuff over at Tirk Recordings.

But before you shell out a couple dozen bucks, check out three instant classics from Sorcerer's latest full-length, Neon Leon. Each has a different character of its own, but boy is the LP a homogenized journey through soul-soothing psychedelic wanderings.

That guy's done a few computer-generated videos that look sort of like step-cousins of Tron. Watch the ones for "Chemise" and Push 2 Freeze right now!

Sorcerer - Ride the Serpent

Sorcerer - Shaolin Style

Sorcerer - El Condor

Buy it at Insound!