BBBD Mix: "Lock Track"

I haven't published a mix to this blog in weeks and weeks and for that I feel bad. It's a new year, though, and, therefore, I feel as though I ought to give you all something special.

Here's my latest musical odyssey. It's about 50 minutes long and, in my humble opinion, really cool... save for the fact that my right channel completely dropped out for about one second for god knows why towards the beginning of the set.

Tell me what you think!

(1) Idjut Boys, "Jesta Dub"
(2) KZA, "Capricorn"
(3) Elitechnique, "Elektric Evening"
(4) Tensnake, "Keep Believin'"
(5) Lullabies In the Dark, "Code 7429 (Original Mix)"
(6) Putsch '79, "Asian Girls"
(7) Reverso 68, "Tokyo Disko (Part One)"
(8) Rude 66, "As"
(9) Panthu Du Prince, "The Splendour"

Nik Mercer - Lock Track Mix (direct MP3 link)

Nik Mercer - Lock Track Mix (ZShare link)

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
cool sorta house feel, with touch of disco...imo, but havent listened to full thing yet..