Q&A with Lindstrøm & Christabelle/Studio Visit with Runaway

I proudly present you with a rather long interview I did before the holidays with Lindstrøm & Christabelle for Anthem magazine. Please check the thing out as it's thorough and quite compelling throughout. Love him or hate him, Lindstrøm is one of the most dedicated producers out there. It was a true pleasure talking about the new LP, Real Life Is No Cool.

Read away!

Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix)

Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop (Idjut Boys Remix)

I forgot to write about the studio visit I did with Runaway when I published the thing last week, but better late than never, right?

Read the article and check out its accompanying photos of the duo's Brooklyn studio!

Runaway - The Fire Below

Buy it at Insound!


Unknown said…
Love Lindstrom & Christabelle! Love her pants!

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