Dead Disco Pulls № 1

As promised yesterday, I'm going to try my best to regularly post music I'm considering or using for a future Dead Disco program. Simple, to the point, and varied. Sound good?

Today I've got four killer tunes for you! First up is a Larry Levan mix of Nami Shimada's "Sun Shower." (The track wound up being one of his final works.) Shimada was a huge J-Pop star in the 80s and I assume her label coaxed Levan into doing a mix while he was on tour in the Land Of the Rising Sun (he was big over there). The song, which is quite the club banger, is really strange considering that Shimada's unaltered hits were more along these lines.

Next we've got two Crème Organization releases. Rude 66's "As," which hit shelves last year two years ago, is an exceptionally creepy electro tune that you might hear in a disco minutes before the apocalypse. It's excellent. Bangkok Impact―a Fin who is half of the immaculate Italo outfit known as Putsch '79―has really been catching my fancy recently. His 2007 banger, "Premature Ejaculation," will never get old. Think Black Devil Disco Club with a DFA makeover.

Finally, we have Elitechnique, a Dutch group that's put out a few songs on Clone Records. My favorite jam by far is the swirling, cosmic "Elektric Evening" from 2008's Mirror Men EP.

How's that for a hangover helper?

Nami Shimada - Sun Shower (Larry Levan Mix)

Rude 66 - As

Bangkok Impact - Premature Ejaculation

Elitechnique - Elektric Evening

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Anonymous said…
sunshower is one of the best tracks ever!

gooood taste
Test Blog said…
agreed, sunshower is really good.