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Let's Play House w/ Morgan Gesit, DJ Spun, Jacques Renault & Farika


Let's Play House Updates

Let's Play House has been going really strong since we fully launched it in July, and Jacques and I couldn't be happier. We've been receiving some tremendous support and exceptionally positive feedback from attendants, which is truly an honor.

We had a spectacular party at Baddies in Manhattan with Justin Miller and Jacques (J&J) spinning the whole night through; raged from midnight until the sun came up at Cameo in Brooklyn with Lovefingers and CFCF as guests; and are getting really stoked for tonight's residency debut at The Counting Room in Williamsburg with LPH crew members Drew Heffron and Lloyd Harris (Lloydski).

Please come out tonight if you can and dance away the workweek stress that's been building up (all the information you need can be found here)! Whether or not you can make it, be sure to download the immaculate mixes we recorded from the Cameo event below. They're something else. Oh, and check out the photos we snapped that night as well!

Jacques Renault, Lovefingers & CFCF - Let's Play House @ Cameo, July 30, 2010

Jacques Renault - Let's Play House @ Cameo, July 30, 2010

See you around!

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Become A Fan Of Let's Play House!

Over the weekend, I made a Facebook fan page for the party property Jacques Renault and I own―Let's Play House! Please become a fan so you can keep on top of all the cool stuff we're doing in NYC and beyond!

And now for a tune to keep all of you at least moderately engaged with BBBD...

Marcus Marr - Well Alright

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Video: Jacques Renault In L.A.


BBBD Mix: "0707"

I haven't posted in an ungodly long amount of time, and for that I sincerely apologize. As you all know by now, BBBD can barely be considered an active blog―it's more a personal alias and handle than anything else. That said, I do like to keep it around and I'll try my best to continue to publish thing to it every once in a while.

Today's mix was prompted by a four-hour set my good friend Jacques Renault and I are playing on July 10 at the Williamsburg American Apparel store. I do not publicly DJ―that's not my role in this world by any means―but every once in a while I like to goof around with a friend on the turntables. Since I haven't made a mix in a while, I decided to sit down for an hour today and get back in the groove of things. I think it turned out pretty well.

Please swing by and say hi if you're in Brooklyn this Saturday.

Nik Mercer - 0707 Mix

Sorry folks―no tracklist this time around!

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Dead Disco Pulls № 7

It's been ages since I last posted anything to BBBD and for that I am sincerely sorry. Life has been hectic to say the least... finding time to focus on anything outside of work is becoming increasingly more difficult by the day.

Rest assured it's all wonderful, beautiful stuff. I'll spill the beans later...

For now, let's just listen to some tunes! Below are some tracks I'll be playing on Dead Disco within the next few weeks. Also, please be sure to tune into Let's Play House, a program I do with Jacques Renault featuring live DJ mixes from some of NYC's most esteemed clubs. Finally, head on over to Anthem Online for five hours of Jacques and My Cousin Roy in the mix... I recorded the two last week at subMercer for the party I sponsored there.

the Beatdown Soundmachine - More Love (LTJ X-Perience Mix)

Prins Thomas - Atter En Trall

Ilija Rudman - After Midnight (Greg Wilson Remix)

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