I'm going to Germany today. I get back on the 10th. I may keep blogging over there, but this trip will be intense and will not allow for much posting. You'll hear from me again.
I miss all of my darling friends already, and I will write you lots.
Thanks for having a damn good party last night.
I'm still out of it, but I need to pack, so I sound funny. I don't like waking up early in this state!

I love you all!
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The Futureheads Concert

the futureheads
Ahhh! Last night, I went to the Grog Shop to see the Futureheads, and it was one of the best shows that I have ever seen there! They had a pretty elaborate spread -- lots of lights, their own sound guy, etc. The live show was edgier and harsher than their self-titled debut, I think. It was very obvious that these guys had a lot of help from Peter Gil of Gang of Four, because their lead guitarist plays in a very similar style. And not only were they on the ball, but they also were really into it. Maybe it was the lights, maybe it was the crowd reaction, but regardless, they were tight. Lastly, since they have pretty short songs, they were able to play pretty much every song of theirs. Good set length, good set list ... just overall so good!

I love the rhytm guitarist. He has cool glasses. And I love their accents.
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Bumblebeez Update

Bumblebeez (AKA Bumblebeez 81) is working on some new material, with hopes of having a new album out in September! Modular People reports.
Chris is big pimpin in LA working on the debut Bumblebeez album. He’s recorded about 7000 tracks for it and is now working at refining that down to a sensible number and creating an all killer no filler album. From what we’ve heard it sounds a bit like Sir Mix-A-Lot banging a cowgirl. Or Lil Kim jamming with The Stooges. Or RZA gone acid house. Stay tuned for a September release…...

I'm excited! I loved the debut album, and this one looks like it will be more ambitious, as hard as that may sound.

I know it doesn't really matter but why are they sometimes called Bumblebeez, and other times Bumblebeez 81? I don't get it. Also, is it a band or just one guy with some help? So ... confused ...
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Trees - Sleep Convention

Recently, I came across a record from 1982 by a one-man band that went by the name of Trees. The album, Sleep Convention, is a stunning early electro-pop work, and I love it to death. Sort of like a lighter and more accessible Gary Numan. Similar vocals and songwriting style, but definitely more pop oriented. The Trouser Press sums the album up pretty well, I think.
A one-man synth army from San Diego, California, Dane Conover (here dubbed Trees) offers a wonderful collection of modern musical ideas and clever tunes that efficiently combine up-to-date electronics with old-fashioned rock instruments, tossing in inventive production and intelligent, provocative lyrics. Sleep Convention is a stunning debut which shows remarkable originality and talent. That this record died the commercial death is not just incomprehensible, it's criminal.

My faovite song is "Delta Sleep," but they are all so good! I'm so happy I found this guy! Fantastic!
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CMJ Music Fest

cmj music fest
For June 9-11, I will be pretty proud to be living in Cleveland, Ohio. CMJ is hosting a three day music fest, featuring such excellent artists as the Pixies, Stephen Malkmus, the Futureheads, Spoon, Architecture in Helsinki, Lucero, and many, many more. I'm going to be pretty busy going to all these concerts!
Tomorrow night is when Caribous plays (with the Junior Boys and the Russian Futurists!), but that concert is not connected to the CMJ Music Fest. It's hard to choose which band I would prefer to see, but I think I will end up seeing the Futureheads on Thursday since they will be cheaper, and I hope to also see Spoon and Architecture in Helsinki! I will keep you all posted!

The cool thing about this festival is that it is taking place at eight locations. I guess that also means I won't be able to see every concert I would like to, but maybe that's also a blessing in disguise -- now I will not be tempted to spend a tremendous amount of money for getting into all these shows.
So excited ...
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Exit Clov

exit clov
I am really digging this band, Exit Clov. They are a DC-based quintet that has a very jazzy/latin feel to their indie rock style. A very vitriolic bass, groovy drums, and a smooth female voice make the group unique, but also incredibly accesible. They have a couple EPs up for sale, and it looks like an album is due out soon. I would love to see these guys live next time I'm in DC! Woo!

My personal favorite MP3 blog, Music for Robots, used to have an MP3 up, but it seems to have gone down since, uh ... this morning. So, just get "Orange Rust" here instead!
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new order
I have no idea why I am telling all of you this, but I am. I will probably regret exposing myself like this in the future, but for some reason, I am feeling very cheery right now, and wanted to tell all of you a "secret."
First -- some background.
My favorite band is Joy Division. Yeah, pretty depressing, eh? Well, no worries, because New Order just happens to be one of my other favorites. And I am currently obsessed with them. I was never this obsessed with Joy Division, so I don't really know what's going on.
Why am I so taken by Peter Hook and co. you may ask? For several reason:
(a) Peter Hook plays the best bass lines ever. They are the highest bass lines I've ever heard, and probably should not be called bass lines at all, as the bass is often featured as the melody carrier.
(b) Bernard Sumner had a bad/weak voice, but now he has gotten used to it, and his voice never seems to age. It sounds the same now as it did 20 years ago, even though he is a much older man now.
(c) New Order used to have a club called the Hacienda. One of my dreams in life is to get a warehouse, hire James Murphy as a DJ, and party in it every night all year long. I think that going to the Hacienda would have been the closest I could have gotten to this dream.
And that is why they rock.
Now for the confession.
Songs by New Order make me totally freak out. Like, they make me want to remove my clothes and act absolutely crazy. It is very embarassing, but at least I can express my emotions ... or something.

In the past two weeks, I have either downloaded or bought all the holes in my New Order collection. I have it all, or at least a whole ton of it. I wish I could see them live or something. I love them.
My favorite album is Technique, I think. But I also love Low-Life and the Brotherhood. And everything, really.
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New !!! EP

Ah ... one of my personal favs, !!! has just released an EP called Take Ecstasy With Me/Get Up. And yes, if you are thinking "isn't 'Take Ecstasy With Me' by the Magnetic Fields and isn't 'Get Up' by Nate Dogg," you are correct in assuming that these songs are indeed covers. But at almost 18 minutes, the EP works excellently as material made by !!! for !!!.
I love "Take Ecstasy With Me" -- it truly captures Merritt's songwriting style, while not losing the dance-floor elements !!! has to their name. Also, I enjoy the more prominent dub feel of both songs. I think Tyler Pope has been spending too much time with his other group, Out Hud, and it is starting to rub off.
Listen to samples of both songs here.

Oh, and "Get Up" is really great as well, although it takes about five minutes for the song to really kick off. It has a darker feel than anything else !!! has done, but I like it. Lots and lots.
I think !!! is definitely a singles and EPs band -- their best material is the stuff that isn't on their albums.
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I Pity the Dolls!

i pity the dolls!
Uh ... what to say on this one ...
The Orchird Street Art Gallery in Manhattan is hosting a really bizarre show called I Pity the Dolls!: A Collection of Vintage and Contemporary Mr. T Dolls. And yeah, it looks like it really is exactly what it says it is. The show is curated by Greg Rivera and Mike Essl, who not only have a site dedicated to Mr. T, but also hold the largest collection of Mr. T memorabilia in the world.
I wish I had something like that.

But see, the reason that the show is so cool is because each of the Cabbage Patch Mr. T dolls has been customized by one of the artists. Double wow. Actually, perhaps even triple wow.
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