The Futureheads Concert

the futureheads
Ahhh! Last night, I went to the Grog Shop to see the Futureheads, and it was one of the best shows that I have ever seen there! They had a pretty elaborate spread -- lots of lights, their own sound guy, etc. The live show was edgier and harsher than their self-titled debut, I think. It was very obvious that these guys had a lot of help from Peter Gil of Gang of Four, because their lead guitarist plays in a very similar style. And not only were they on the ball, but they also were really into it. Maybe it was the lights, maybe it was the crowd reaction, but regardless, they were tight. Lastly, since they have pretty short songs, they were able to play pretty much every song of theirs. Good set length, good set list ... just overall so good!

I love the rhytm guitarist. He has cool glasses. And I love their accents.