Trees - Sleep Convention

Recently, I came across a record from 1982 by a one-man band that went by the name of Trees. The album, Sleep Convention, is a stunning early electro-pop work, and I love it to death. Sort of like a lighter and more accessible Gary Numan. Similar vocals and songwriting style, but definitely more pop oriented. The Trouser Press sums the album up pretty well, I think.
A one-man synth army from San Diego, California, Dane Conover (here dubbed Trees) offers a wonderful collection of modern musical ideas and clever tunes that efficiently combine up-to-date electronics with old-fashioned rock instruments, tossing in inventive production and intelligent, provocative lyrics. Sleep Convention is a stunning debut which shows remarkable originality and talent. That this record died the commercial death is not just incomprehensible, it's criminal.

My faovite song is "Delta Sleep," but they are all so good! I'm so happy I found this guy! Fantastic!