new order
I have no idea why I am telling all of you this, but I am. I will probably regret exposing myself like this in the future, but for some reason, I am feeling very cheery right now, and wanted to tell all of you a "secret."
First -- some background.
My favorite band is Joy Division. Yeah, pretty depressing, eh? Well, no worries, because New Order just happens to be one of my other favorites. And I am currently obsessed with them. I was never this obsessed with Joy Division, so I don't really know what's going on.
Why am I so taken by Peter Hook and co. you may ask? For several reason:
(a) Peter Hook plays the best bass lines ever. They are the highest bass lines I've ever heard, and probably should not be called bass lines at all, as the bass is often featured as the melody carrier.
(b) Bernard Sumner had a bad/weak voice, but now he has gotten used to it, and his voice never seems to age. It sounds the same now as it did 20 years ago, even though he is a much older man now.
(c) New Order used to have a club called the Hacienda. One of my dreams in life is to get a warehouse, hire James Murphy as a DJ, and party in it every night all year long. I think that going to the Hacienda would have been the closest I could have gotten to this dream.
And that is why they rock.
Now for the confession.
Songs by New Order make me totally freak out. Like, they make me want to remove my clothes and act absolutely crazy. It is very embarassing, but at least I can express my emotions ... or something.

In the past two weeks, I have either downloaded or bought all the holes in my New Order collection. I have it all, or at least a whole ton of it. I wish I could see them live or something. I love them.
My favorite album is Technique, I think. But I also love Low-Life and the Brotherhood. And everything, really.