CMJ Music Fest

cmj music fest
For June 9-11, I will be pretty proud to be living in Cleveland, Ohio. CMJ is hosting a three day music fest, featuring such excellent artists as the Pixies, Stephen Malkmus, the Futureheads, Spoon, Architecture in Helsinki, Lucero, and many, many more. I'm going to be pretty busy going to all these concerts!
Tomorrow night is when Caribous plays (with the Junior Boys and the Russian Futurists!), but that concert is not connected to the CMJ Music Fest. It's hard to choose which band I would prefer to see, but I think I will end up seeing the Futureheads on Thursday since they will be cheaper, and I hope to also see Spoon and Architecture in Helsinki! I will keep you all posted!

The cool thing about this festival is that it is taking place at eight locations. I guess that also means I won't be able to see every concert I would like to, but maybe that's also a blessing in disguise -- now I will not be tempted to spend a tremendous amount of money for getting into all these shows.
So excited ...