New !!! EP

Ah ... one of my personal favs, !!! has just released an EP called Take Ecstasy With Me/Get Up. And yes, if you are thinking "isn't 'Take Ecstasy With Me' by the Magnetic Fields and isn't 'Get Up' by Nate Dogg," you are correct in assuming that these songs are indeed covers. But at almost 18 minutes, the EP works excellently as material made by !!! for !!!.
I love "Take Ecstasy With Me" -- it truly captures Merritt's songwriting style, while not losing the dance-floor elements !!! has to their name. Also, I enjoy the more prominent dub feel of both songs. I think Tyler Pope has been spending too much time with his other group, Out Hud, and it is starting to rub off.
Listen to samples of both songs here.

Oh, and "Get Up" is really great as well, although it takes about five minutes for the song to really kick off. It has a darker feel than anything else !!! has done, but I like it. Lots and lots.
I think !!! is definitely a singles and EPs band -- their best material is the stuff that isn't on their albums.