Bumblebeez Update

Bumblebeez (AKA Bumblebeez 81) is working on some new material, with hopes of having a new album out in September! Modular People reports.
Chris is big pimpin in LA working on the debut Bumblebeez album. He’s recorded about 7000 tracks for it and is now working at refining that down to a sensible number and creating an all killer no filler album. From what we’ve heard it sounds a bit like Sir Mix-A-Lot banging a cowgirl. Or Lil Kim jamming with The Stooges. Or RZA gone acid house. Stay tuned for a September release…...

I'm excited! I loved the debut album, and this one looks like it will be more ambitious, as hard as that may sound.

I know it doesn't really matter but why are they sometimes called Bumblebeez, and other times Bumblebeez 81? I don't get it. Also, is it a band or just one guy with some help? So ... confused ...
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