Rumble 1.3

Rumble is the post I'll use from now on to write about reading material.
Japanland, the international director, Karin Muller's new book, looks good, especially for those of us who are living in Japan for one year. From the reviews, it looks particularity interesting, as she did not just stay in the country or just the cities. She did plenty of both, and I think that that contrast will make the book more of an interesting read. I think ... haven't read it yet.
Hong Kong: Front Door/Back Door is a new collaborative book of photographs, documenting the densely populated and modern city of Hong Kong. It looks like the book took a tremendous amount of effort to create and compile, so I would be curious to see what's within! (Update: look at many pictures here).
David Marxy's latest post is pretty interesting. He explains that the Japanese system of transportation (and many of their systems) work perfectly when nothing goes wrong, but a slight miscalculation sets the whole structure into chaos.
I liked Stylus Magazine's feature, A Week In The Musical Life ... Diary, as it captured the life of a guy working behind the music scene. Always fun to see how things work and are behind the finished product.