Tapes 'n' Cheekbones

tapes 'n' tapes
This isn't a new weekly, because it has no common theme, I think. I should get a name for this sort of post. And I could number them like they're updated versions of the original post (i.e. 1.6 = "week one, day six").
Okay -- anyway ... I've got two new bands. First is Tapes 'n' Tapes. I like this band. They play this hip breed of folk-pop stuff, with a twinge of Western ... it's as though their songs were arranged by Ennio Morricone or something. Also, they record their stuff in the Batwing! How cool is that!? They've got plenty of songs posted on their website, but I find Insistor to be a really good song from their album, The Loon.
You all know the Walkmen, of course. And I'm sure that a bunch of you know how most of the members of the mysterious Jonathan Fire*Eater band quit the group and went off to form the Walkmen. I don't think I've ever heard anything by JF*E, but I've always heard that they were good. Well, apparently, the Walkmen is JF*E minus one guy: Stewart Lupton. Well, Lupton has shown his face again. He is playing in a band called the Childballads. The group will be releasing the single for Cheekbones on December 5th through Loog Records. I'm excited, because the group is good! Much different than the Walkmen, certainly ... they remind me, for some reason, of Rilo Kiley, if there was a solid male vocalist in the group. They do "country" (should I be calling it that? There's also something a little ... wacky about their sound) ... good!