Weekly: Not Now

This week, I bring you all two bands that are playing music that is definitely not from this time.
The Dials are a four-piece band (three girls, one guy!), devoted to playing power-punk addled 60s garage rock. A neat kind of mixture of styles that works pretty well. And I always dig female voices ...
They have a MySpace page, too!
But the main reason I wanted to write this post was for the sake of Headshoppe, a London-based collective that plays the music that Architecture in Helsinki would play if they wanted to be more like Madness. It's really hard to describe because the band seems to be not only concerned with making cool music, but also with making a unique unique band image for themselves. Like Madness in that regard, I guess. It's as though the mod crew have returned, but this time they're not interested in Gola shoes and Vespas. This time they're interested in trench coats and psychedelic rock (not that they play much psych, but their guitars have that sort of edge to them).
Listen to Ostopediac and Two Steps. I liked this quote from their blog:
No press things here as of yet. It doesn't sit easy with us to be honest, some kind of 'Hey, aren't headshoppe great and here's why...' spiel that's a bit of self bugle blowing nonsense.