Vibrations 2.3

I'm not really into country music. Not even the "better" country. But I like Rumiko Jr., a British six-piece group. Maybe it's because they're British (yet signed to a Spanish label) that they're a little different than most of the country you'll hear coming out of the states.
Rumiko Jr. - Little Nothing
Rumiko Jr. - Broken Vessel
Rumiko Jr. - Sweep the Ashes

I feel another wave of hype approaching, but this time it's the Mystery Jets that are surfing it. They're music is cool because they consistently have really interesting vocal harmonies and the vocals seem to be more central to their songs than most bands' are. I want them to get hyped ... they deserve it.
Mystery Jets - Alas Agnes

The Village Orchestra is the solo project of Ruaridh Law. I have never heard minimalist music like this before. Usually I don't dig it too much, but Law's blend of noise and pretty melodies makes for an good sound.
The Village Orchestra - Love Theme From Two Man Rumble

Fuck-off Machete is, I agree, a very angry sounding band name. And they're promotional photos suggest that as well ... and I guess they are a little angry. The vocalist's voice me of Kim Gordon's, but the guitars and clearer and punkier than anything Sonic Youth has recorded. Still that stop and start sort of sound, though. I really like these guys ...
Fuck-off Machete - Copper And Lead Fight