emily haines
Many things on my plate, but since I haven't posted for a bit, some of them have been brushed aside. I have a feeling that this post will be slightly unfulfilling, but believe me, it should be better!
Emily Haines, the singer from Metric (one of my favorites!), is finally releasing her debut solo album. This record has been four years (!) in the making, and there have been live tracks and rumors floating around for ages. Now we've finally got some stuff!

When I was at the Pitchfork Music Festival, I stumbled upon the Minty Fresh table. They were selling some good stuff -- mostly older things I'd already heard -- but there was one CD in particular that stood out ... the Prototypes. They're a French electro-punk band, and they're pretty damn good. I guess one reason I like them is simply because French music doesn't really leave the country! But we all love to hear French girls screaming God-knows-what at the top of their lungs.
Emily Haines - Our Hell
Emily Haines - The Lottery
the Prototypes - Ici Ou Peut-Etre Demain