Rapture Leaks

the rapture
I came across these leaks from the Rapture's new album a few hours ago, and that made me excited. I haven't seen these around (save for maybe one of them ... can't remember), so maybe you'll be getting something new here, too.
I ... like these tracks. They're honestly much better than what I was expecting. I was afraid that the Rapture would just drop the whole dancey side of their music since their whole dance/punk style disappeared pretty soon after 2004 hit ...
But that ain't so! These songs are just as pumped up as anything from Echoes, yet they've all got a different song structure ... a different sort of flow to them. Which I appreciate. A bit poppier, sure, but certainly not sloppy or softer or less impacting than the first record ...
So ... enjoy!
the Rapture - Pieces Of the People We Love
the Rapture - Don't Go Do It
the Rapture - Whoo! Alright - Yeah ... Uh Huh