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the panda band
So when I went to San Francisco, I dropped by Amoeba Records ... such a great record store. I picked up some stuff that's a bit harder to find as well as a few singles. So now I've got some Camera Obscura b-sides to share with you all.
Also, have you heard of this Australian band the Panda Band yet? They're great ... and they describe their sound better than I can ...
It sounds like our scoutmasters Nick Cave, The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd finally collaborating after all those dreams theyve had about each other. Giving each other confidence to lace up their hiking boots and hit some unfamiliar trails. What could these dreams mean?

Its choral beams, glorious exploding synthesizers and guitars, ricochets and rattles. It creeps up behind you and youve been talking to it for hours. Its tidal and vibrates through you like a sun-drunk full moon.

Check out their MySpace page to hear additional tracks!
I finally got around to seeing The Matador which, while not that great of a movie (good idea, though), did have an intriguing soundtrack. It included the Jam and ... Titan. I still don't know anything about Titan, but I'm not too compelled to dig any deeper than the track I got off the soundtrack ... hope you enjoy it, too! (Digging the Latin vibe ... tre cool).
the Panda Band - Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town
the Panda Band - High In Your Saddle
Camera Obscura - Phil and Don
Camera Obscura - Roman Holiday
Titan - 1, 2, 3, 4