Four Is Unlucky

(And it is for that very reason that it's my lucky number.)
I've got four bands here ... I'm about to write 'em all down, so you guys can check them out!
Oh, and depending on how annoyed I get after writing this, I will most likely also include a cool new track ... by who?! (You'll have to read on!)

I love it when a band comes out of a city that I don't necessarily associated with being cool. Like Cleveland (my hometown) ... or in the case of Beach House, Baltimore. This band is so smooth and sweet. Some Stereolab vocals there, some shoegaze synth washes, and some jazz drumming. They've got something, and I enjoy it quite a bit ...

I was looking at some concert listings, and came across a band I've never heard of before ... the Besnard Lakes. They're also a pretty slow band: one that grows on you as it wraps around and trances you out. It's the backbone of shoegaze ... it's minimalistic in nature, and I think that's cool, but all of these songs have so much going on. Really interesting stuff to really listen to.

And what's up with all this awesome/so-weird-and-crazy-it's-my-new-favorite stuff that's coming out of France?! They've -- in my book, at least -- gone through some pretty big changes in terms of image. I now see French musicians and artists and bands as a more appropriate representation of what music in France should be: sexy, seductive, energetic, and maybe lacking in regards to depth and substance.
But fun nonetheless, right? So listen to some stuff by Yelle. She'll give Uffie a run for her money ... (?) Oh, and she has (of course) a MySpace page.

Ach, skip the forth band -- I've begun to tire of this all. I'll get to them (you'll have to wait for it!) later on ... today, perhaps? Instead, while you wait, how about checking out this awesome/new Clinic song I've posted?
Beach House - Master of None
the Besnard Lakes - Skyscraper Girls
the Besnard Lakes - For Spy Turned Musician
the Besnard Lakes - You've Got to Want to Be A Star
Yelle - Dans ta vraie vie (dirty version)
Clinic - Animal House