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professor murder
The DFA continues to fascinate and stump me. At first, they signed bands that all held similar characteristics. That dance/punk thing, groups that idealized Liquid Liquid ... that sort of thing. But then they introduced Shit Robot (a very cool guy, but not what I expected), and now ... Prinzhorn Dance School. The group is supposed to be sort of like the Fall, but with that characteristic DFA sound in the mix. There's one song, "Monsters," by the group that's floating around the net ... check it out!

I should have updated earlier. Now I can't distinguish what's new and what just recent, so in an attempt to not sound dated here, I'll just give you all two other songs that you may have not heard yet ...
Prinzhorn Dance School - Monsters
Islands - Graceland (Paul Simon cover)
Professor Murder - Camron's New Color (Pt. 3)