Atlas Sound Remixes the Chap

America's strangest musical entity, Bradford Cox, AKA Atlas Sound/frontman of Deerhunter, has worked his remix magic on the Chap (MySpace), London's closet thing to the Sparks, 2008. Atlas Sound, known for its bizarre breed of flowing, atmospheric shoegaze, constructed in a soft-spoken and shy lo-fi/bedroom recording sort of way may not be the most likely remixer for the Chap's "They Have A Name," but the result is more compelling than one would originally thing.

Whereas Mega Breakfast's opening track is a gooft kraut-rock-inspired sing-along sort of ditty, the Atlas Sound interpretation is a glitchy, laptop-pop, "folktronic" sort of mix that's a bit more soothing and melodious. It's completely different (there are no vocals on the Atlas Sound remix, for example), but well worth a listen.

Grab both the Chap's original tune and Cox's altered one below.

the Chap - They Have A Name (Atlas Sound Remix)

the Chap - They Have A Name

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Anonymous said…
I love the Chap!

Completely original. Hopefully I'll get the chance to see them live this Saturday night in Camden as well! Yipee!