What Friendly Fire Recordings lacks in size, it duly makes up for through the awesomeness of its roster. From Asobi Seksu (which actually recently left the label) to the Faunts to the Whitsundays, Friendly Fire has never hit a sour note, and continually releases strong albums and EPs from no genre or style in particular.

London's Windmill (MySpace) is the latest addition to the ever-growing family, and, as to be expected, it was a good idea, bringing this one-band-band on board.

Thomas Dillon -- the man behind Windmill -- writes and records these really emotive, ballad-y pop tunes that are all at once haunting (that high voice!) and mesmerizing in their depth, complexity, and wonderful lyricism. Imagine Isaac Brock going solo and writing sad songs on an old piano while pulling some help from Iceland's Seabear or something. These songs are delicate, fragile ... but somehow they're all held together by Dillon's skeletal, piercing vocals. Hmm ... a little difficult to describe! How about you listen to the below cut and buy the new Puddle City Racing Lights LP, too.

Windmill - Tokyo Moon

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