Roses, Kings, Castles

It seems a little early to be celebrating the style (or memory?) of Pete Doherty, but that's what Roses, Kings, Castles is attempting ... and they're doing so with success, in flying colors. The Alphaville Records (MySpace), London-based band isn't purely derivative, though -- while their lo-fi recordings, charming and earnest arrangements, and cutely strummed guitar melodies do immediately remind one of some calmer Babyshambles works, the Littl'ans, or heartfelt Doherty demos, there's an ingenuity and uniqueness that makes them stick out.

Interestingly, Alphaville Records is based in Japan ... and the "Sparkling Bootz" single features a Kaji Hideki track on the flip side! Seems unusual for a U.K. indie outfit, but hey, they lads are anything but normal. Check out the killer single below -- it'll be a hit -- and be sure to tickle your eardrums with their other cuts on their MySpace page.

Roses, Kings, Castles - Sparkling Bootz

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Anonymous said…
The way you're writing this, it sounds like you aren't aware, that Roses Kings Castles is a solo project by Adam Ficek, who is a member of BabyShambles... so similarities may abound endlessly.
you shouldn't say 'they' but 'he' RKC is the solo project of Adam Ficek, it's not a band...