Lykke Li/El Perro del Mar/Anna Ternheim Film

Lykke Li/El Perro del Mar/Anna Ternheim from Anthem Magazine on Vimeo.
Some of you may have already seen the Lykke Li/El Perro del Mar/Anna Ternheim video I assisted in making for Anthem Magazine, but if you've yet to check it out, then click here and be amazed.

As expected, the three were a pleasure to meet and work with, although Lykke Li was a little tougher to deal with. Their respective performances were jaw-droppingly stellar, too ... Lykke Li is the energetic, overtly expressive "child" whereas El Perro del Mar and Anna T. are more mature, subtle. All three performances offered phenomenal insights into their characters and songwriting talents, aptly complimenting the interviews.

Anyway ... enough yappin', just check the film out!

Buy it at Insound!


Z said…
ever wake up really hung over in your Tokyo hotel room to hear Lykke and Anna singing in the shower? me neither, but hey