Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 3

radio bibabidi vol. 3
Going overboard? Yes.
I've made three mixes in two days. I acknowledge this. But I'm hoping that these mixes are interesting you. This is music you haven't heard yet, right? But it's pretty cool, eh?
And this stuff is rare! Keep that in mind, please. For example, the Mr. Comicstore track is only on vinyl. So is one of the Halby tracks. And I got my hands on all this stuff in Japan ... !
So here's another one ... five more tunes.
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 3
1 ... Mr. Comicstore -- Grandfather's Permanent Hair (Original Mix)
2 ... Pizzicato Five -- Roma (from We Love You)
3 ... Halfby -- Rodeo Machine
4 ... Halfby -- $5000 Dance
5 ... Sindbad -- A.W.O.L. (from Sindbad