Weekly: Gash

rough gem
I was really hoping that I'd be able to find a full-length copy of Islands' new b-side, "Big Bluff" before posting this. I wanted you all to have a copy! But I got frustrated, and decided to just go along with the post, leaving out [most] mention of Islands. While I don't have the full length, you can listen to a lengthy sample here.
**Hah! Got it! Download "Big Bluff" here!**
You know what would be cool? If bands stopped making where they're from public. I have too many biases for and against Canadians, Swedes, South Africans (oh yes -- I do), the Scots, Russians (serious) ...
Plus, it would make the bands more mysterious (**woooooo**), right? "No one knows where they're from ... they live in their tour bus, a 1973 VW Bus ... none of them have names that can be attached to races, demographics, etc. ... they all just go by mathematical operation symbols ("+," "-," "*," and everyone's favorite, "!") ...
In conclusion, I wish that I didn't know that MSTRKRFT is from Ontario. They're so cool ... all sweaty and gross and electronic and gritty and swarthy like pirates. I like them ... listen to their MySpace stuff!
Skrew Kid, AKA Yoshihiro Tsuchie, has a really bad name ... Skrew Kid ... what are these Japanese dudes thinking!? But his music is cool ... like BSS, minus everyone except one guy, all the amps, and all the other instruments. Okay -- bad analogy. This guy, this Skrew Kid, is -- as far as I can tell -- a very good acoustic guitarist. Therefore he is cool. And his music is nice and calming, or something. Listen to his stuff, yeah?
Loney, Dear = the dude from Grandaddy on his own. Well, not quite, but that's sort of what Loney, Dear's stuff sounds like ... high, sort of annoying male vocals, accompanied by cute, lo-fi indie pop stuff. I'm not telling where he's from ... listen to Where Are You Go Go Going To? and samples of like, everything else he's done here.
And I'll leave this post with a bang ... Park Attack. They're feral, want you dead (perhaps), and have an obsession with synths, stupid-sounding instruments, and lame guitars. I'm writing bad now because I want to have some tea, but I need to spellcheck first, and ugh ... listen to Tongue n Groove, Delta Smelter, and Toes. Right -- tea.