Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 4

radio bibabidi vol. 4
I should theoretically be spacing these shows out better. I'm shooting myself in the foot ... I've plowed through what -- 20 songs in like, three or four days?
But I'm really thinking about turning this blog around for the remainder of my stay in Japan. I'll still be listening to all my American music, but I'll be writing solely about Japanese indie stuff. It's an area of music that isn't blogged much about, and I feel that I'll be able to provide something "new" and "unique" therefore.
Plus -- I think I'm going record shopping today ... we'll see what I can dig up!
Radio BiBaBiDi Vol. 4
1 ... Capsule -- Twinkle Twinkle Poppp!
2 ... Nagisa Cosmetic -- Cosmetic Happy
3 ... Fredo -- Fun In the Sun
4 ... Mansfield -- The New Pollution (from It's A Man's Field)
5 ... Yukari Fresh -- Dead