Weekly: Listing ...

Here goes ...
The Doers ... they're from Canada. Voncouver, to be precise.
the Doers - We're Open
the Doers - Good Drunk
the DOers - Doin' Yr Taxes
more samples ...

The Kites ...
"Follow me now into the forest of noise where Kites are busy playing their latest offering the nine songs in twenty minutes 3" CDEP "Superior Moon", bouncing sounds around the atmosphere, and sounding like an old episode of Dr Who gone mad. Played on home-made instruments, this is the work of comic artist Christopher Forgues, who creates music with intensity and depth, working with frequency rather than notes, and occasionally annihilating everything in great swathes of white noise that are paranoid in their effect, especially when they arrive unexpectedly in the headphones causing the reviewer to jump several feet in the air and rush for the volume knob. Investigate with caution, but do investigate."

the Kites - Superior Moon 2 (sample)
the Kites - Superior Moon 6 (sample)
the Kites - Superior Moon 9 (sample)

And ... the Cazals! From the UK! Woo!
the Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys
the Cazals - My Ex-Valentine (Demo)
the Cazals - What Of the Future (Demo)
the Cazals - Beat Me To the Bone
the Cazals - Bounder & A Cad

Hey -- the Maccabees are also from the UK!
the Maccabees - Lego
the Maccabees - Colour It In
the Maccabees - XRay

The Lovely Feathers have lots and lots of potential ... they need to be less sloppy, but they're gonna end up somewhere (to be really ambiguous).
the Lovely Feathers - Fudgicle
the Lovely Feathers' MySpace page

Shy Child ... this, too, is way awesome.
Shy Child - The Noise Won't Stop
Shy Child - Summer

And lastly, Vincent Vincent and the Villains. I know I've said it before, but keep your eyes on this band, as well!
Vincent Vincent and the Villains MySpace page

Well -- that was quite a list, eh? I promise to write more next time. I need to post more so that this sort of listing doesn't happen again. Or be more exclusive (but that's hard since I like everyone, and I'm not, contrary to what you all think, an increidbly "popular" blogger myself).