Vibrations 25.4

I'll try and keep this one short ... here be a bunch of bands!
The Research is a very cute three-piece band. They're fun: lots of sing-song aspects, plenty of heartwarming harmonies, and tons of sweet synth melodies.
Stream Breaking Up

Want some really, really laid back indie folk? Listen to the Lesser Birds of Paradise. I like slide guitar.
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - Come to the City
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - This Is the Song I Wrote Last Night
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - A Magnet In You
the Lesser Birds of Paradise - Her Velvet Elvis

The Mathematicians are just messed up. What the hell are they doing? Like if someone parodied the [fictitious] bastard child of Kraftwerk and DEVO. Yeah ...
the Mathematicians - Weapons of Math Instruction
the Mathematicians - XOXO

What if like, Stereolab wrote the instrumentals for a guitar-oriented band? Not quite sure how it would turn out, but it could be interesting ... having a group known for clean, electronic production (with no guitars) produce a band that's just the opposite instrumentally. But that's sort of what GoodBooks sounds like to me. Maybe with some of the Cure mixed in there ... not sure.
GoodBooks - Passchendaele (demo)
GoodBooks - Leni (demo)

I'm sorry, but Sukpatch is a degrading name. What would happen if Jack Johnson (whom I do not like) went off and like, joined a band or something? Or maybe that's a bad way to put these guys' sound ... check it out ...
Sukpatch - Bottom Of the Well