Vibrations 23.6

Not enough here for a full post of any sort, but enough for a short Vibrations! Always enough for that, yeah?
Boy Omega is Sweden's Conor Oberst. Now, I am no professional when it comes to judging heart-wrenching ballads like these, but I think he's good. Unlike Oberst, though, he uses a lot of electronic effects (sometimes this is bad), and he doesn't yelp quite as much.
Boy Omega Jukebox

Now Shoplifting is my type of band. Nice and dissonant, the way I like it. In the stuff I've heard of theirs so far, they also use these weird, loopy guitars. All their instruments sounds like they were made of rubber.
Shoplifting - Male Gynecology
Shoplifting - Talk Of the Town

You wanna know what first popped into my mind when I heard The World Without Magic? The friggin' Buggles of all things. They sound almost nothing like the Buggles, but they do have similar hooks, I guess. Like a wa---y slowed down version of the Buggles, and therefore significantly more atmospheric. I like that guitar ... sort of a slide thing goin' on there. There's something college-rocky about their stuff, but it's tenser than it appears on the surface. Tighter than you would think they'd be on first listen.
The World Without Magic - Never Begun
The World Without Magic - Quiet Life