Cliche Music For Cliche Peoples

dead disco
I don't know French, and that makes finding out who the hell Call Me Poupee is. They seem to be from Quebec, but that's all I know about this male-female duo. Regardless, they're tre cool ... this is music for haunted houses and futuristic spaghetti westerns. Loopy synthesizers, disinterested yet sexy vocals, and a bass that just doesn't stop plugging along, this band's got character. Of course they've got a MySpace page.
When I first saw Dead Disco mentioned, I thought I was reading about Metric (as in Metric's "Dead Disco"). No Metric here, but still a cool band ... they've got a bit of Metric's new wave thing going on, but they lean more towards the goth side of the spectrum. Tons of eerie synths and echoes and that sort of thing here ... I like how they're all pretty girls. I hope that doesn't make me sound creepy.
Call Me Poupee - Western Shanghai
Call Me Poupee - GoGo Dancer
Dead Disco - Automatic