A New Idea ...

So I went to the Gris Gris concert last night. Man was I unprepared for this concert ... I knew the band was sort of garage/psychedelic in nature (from their MySpace page description), but I didn't know they'd be so unique and original as well. Often they'd mix Beatlesesque guitar strumming and chord progressions with one of its opposites (dissonant vocals, minor third chords on the organ, clarinet wails). The one thing I found frustrating about listening to them was I never knew when they'd hit on something genius; when they'd stop; when they'd start. A little more form would make them even more enjoyable.
The New Young Pony Club has been getting hype all over the blogosphere, but I recently found this track, Gotta Get Into You that is not on their MySpace page or anything. Enjoy!
Speaking of the blogosphere, this Japanese chick, Tigarah has been getting a lot of play. She raps -- sort of -- and mostly in Japanese, and always sounds very, very angry. But you know, if that's her style, I guess I dig it. She hung out in Brazil for a while, but says her style comes mostly from U.K. grime ... (and that's pretty much accurate). Check out her MySpace page.