Packing Up

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is packing all my stuff up for my return to America. I would like to keep my books and my CDs and other "unnecessary" items, but I know I have to let some of them go. I'm already letting go of almost all the books I collected throughout this year, but I find it really hard to let go of my CDs. Also, it would also be nice if people didn't give me so much crap. I appreciate the gesture of giving going away presents, but I resent the fact that I have to haul the stuff halfway around the world.
So I'm posting this in an attempt to alleviate the stress and frustration.

I am really digging this band Disco Doom. They write hook laden pop songs that have this rough, garage/metal sort of feel to them. Pleasant and full of angst at the same time. Also, the singer sounds like he's trying to channel Beck. They are from Zurich, a city whose name I like to say. Check out their MySpace page.
Good, I've come across another excellent British band, Larrikin Love. Starting in the 60s and 70s, recording equipment and materials and studio space became cheaper, and this caused a boom in the number of garage bands. This was good ... more people making music, more people getting into it ... it was a great thing, I think. But, as we all know, many of those bands were crappy, and many of them only recorded a single or two. Now, we've got a problem ... not only are there are still too many bands to count, but a lot of them are actually ... good! How the hell do you chose!?
Back to Larrikin Love ... they're like the Libertines' version of Orange Juice. Light yet heavy. And oh, goody! they, too have a MySpace page!
New Moscow is an adorable pop group from Gothenburg. Very crisp and sweet guitar lines ... humble, mellow vocals ... husky, thick, swooning bass ... these guys have got "it."
And lastly ... a download for your listening pleasure ...
Waldorf is spooky, man. If Depeche Mode was from Switzerland (does that make sense?), they would be Waldorf. Er ... they resemble Depeche Mode is what I'm saying, I guess. But they write songs full of Biblical references and include lots of church choir-like vocals and organs and tons of reverb. They creep me out, but I dig ...
They've got a MySpace page, but why not also just download the track I've posted!?
Waldorf - Get Ready For Your Last Dance