Lost Penguin is America's Plastics for the year 2006. They scream (a female and a male), they use a cheap drum machine, they repeat repeat repeat, and don't like long songs. Definitely a cool thing that they've got goin' here ...
Boys of Brazil has this Interpol sort of thing going for them ... but it's certainly more punk-edged and unfortunately, simpler.
Speaking of Interpol, I Like Trains is their latest lookalike ... which I guess isn't necessarily a band thing, and since they're pretty good at it, I'll let them pass ... check out their MySpace page as well!
Hot Club de Paris is not from Paris, but they're hot ... or something, I guess. Another Orange Juice sort of guitar pop band here, so nothing "new" (I guess that'd make their sound approximately 25 years old ... ), but again, certainly a welcome entry to the world of pop music. Check out their MySpace page.
Ratatat has completed a new album, and two tracks (at least) have been leaked from the album (due out next month, looks like). These sound great ... more effects and synths and that sort of thing have been added in here, but they're still the same old beat-making, hook wizards, Ratatat.
Ratatat - Montanita
Ratatat - Lex
Ratatat - Swisha
Ratatat - Wildcat