Happy Hardcore

professor murder
Professor Murder is the first "Happy Hardcore" band of all time. I'm not quite sure how much hardcore shines through in this group's music -- it sounds, to me, like a combination of DFA79 and the DFA -- but they're certainly interesting. Primal, sparse, distant, yet fun and definitely worth dancing to. They've got some very cool live tracks on their homepage and a MySpace Page as well.
Bloody Panda creeps the hell out of me with their thrashing and screaming and chanting and detuning and ...
Not really my thing, but indeed an experience to hear. I think it's just a two-piece band, which explains their sparse, yet really, really abrasive sound. They, too, have a MySpace Page.
From the looks of this post, you'd think I've turned into a metal head or hardcore fan, but I haven't ... guess what kind of music Ghengis Tron plays, though? Yup, hardcore. But in their case, it's all about starts and stops, surprise, build ups, and restraint. I still don't think I could bear much more than a few tracks turned down to half volume, but they're without a doubt unique.
While the Weegs are not a "happy" band by any means, they're definitely not quite as scary as the above mentioned groups. These guys draw more from the Cramps and DEVO and punk in general. They're all out of key and frantic, but that makes them all the more ... fun? They all wear matching clothes ...
Maybe I'll just stick with Ratatat for this week ...
Professor Murder - Champion
the Weegs - Rations
the Weegs - Two & Three Eights