The Scent

les incompetents
And the BiBaBiDi listing begins (again ... )
Something about Aaron Lacrate is unique to me ... he's a skateboarder (Milkcrate/Milkcrate Records) obsessed with rap and crunk and that sort of thing. This isn't ... supposed to happen! I guess I always associated boarders with a different kind of music ... more chill stuff, and certainly not something that like, Snoop would dig.
Regardless, he's pretty good ... check out his MySpace page for samples!
Les Incompetents is certainly a fun band. A lot of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera influence here, but it's strangely ... funkier than any of those Postcard groups. They swing more, and incorporate some Latin rhythms and such. They too have a MySpace page!
The "the" bands are certainly not going out of style ... they're just running out of worthy nouns to use ... the Donkeys!? Sorry ... I don't know how much I dig the name, but these guys are pretty cool, even if they are asses (had to throw it in). They seem perpetually wasted or wiped out or at least really tired. And I guess that's sort of cool.
I had one more band for you guys here, but I seem to have copied down the address incorrectly, and am therefore unable to deliver ... three's a magic number, though, so we'll leave it at this!